Fazan prajit in zeama dulce/ Fried pheasant with sweet sauce



Un Craciun ca o poveste, un Craciun de poveste! Cam asta asteptam fiecare de la perioada asta de an in care ne punem, parca, toate sperantele neimplinite. Poate visurile? Sau poate planurile ? 

Tragem linie si cuantificam emotiile, trairile, realizarile, implinirile. Ce ne ramine de facut? Trecem peste teama unui viitor incert, ridicam privirea spre Inalt si acceptam ca darul de acolo trebuie sa vina. Si din noi insine.  Si abia atunci ne putem bucura.

Am croit altfel materialul de azi din Oala pentru ca altfel e ziua de azi, altfel e starea care ma incearca citind multe despre preamultele care se intimpla in jur astfel ca, vin cu o bunaciune de reteta ardeleneasca de secol XVI, o reteta gasita pe site-ul Sotirelis si adusa la suprafata de Tudor.

Crescuta fiind de o unguroaica, traind intr-un amalgam de natii care aveau cuvint si stare si care stiau cum si ce sa manince, va dati seama ca, reteta scoasa din „Cartea de bucate a Annei Bornemissza”, soţia principelui Transilvaniei Mihail Apáffy, vine la fix pentru a celebra finalul si inceputul.

Asadar dragilor, de poveste va doresc sa va fie sarbatorile, ca o poveste  frumoasa  vreau sa va fie Noul An ce sta sa vie! In rest, ceea ce va doriti sa vi se implineasca!


Reteta o gasiti aici:  Fazan prajit in zeama dulce

(foto si reteta apartin site-ului Sotirelis)


A Christmas as a story or a Christmas story in itself? That’s what we’re always expecting from this period of year in which we put all our unfulfilled hopes, or maybe our dreams or maybe the plans as well…

We are drawing the line and quantify emotions, feelings, achievements and accomplishments. What’s left to do? We go over the fear of an uncertain future, we look up to the sky at the Almighty and accept that the gift from there must come. From ourselves as well. And only then we can rejoice.

I decided to differently present today’s material from “OalaLumii” because today is different, it is different in the way that challenges me (especially now, when expectations are so high and the stakes are raised at the highest standards).

Recently I read a recipe from the 16th-century Transylvania, a recipe found on the Sotirelis’ site and brought up by Tudor.

Raised by a Hungarian woman and having lived within a mix of established and wealthy nations who knew how to eat, you realize that this recipe from „Anne Bornemissza’s Cookbook”(the wife of Transylvanian prince MihailApáffy), comes exactly at the right time to celebrate the end and the beginning!

So, dear friends…a fairy tale be your holidays, like a beautiful story I want to be your New Year and everything you want I wish it would come true!


The recipe is here: Fried pheasant with sweet sauce

(photo and recipe credit: Sotirelis)