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Complicat de simplu: sandvisul cu rosii uscate si brinza / Dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil sandwich

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Azi n-am vrut nimic special,  cum nimic care sa-mi complice viata n-am acceptat de-un timp incoace.  Si-n bucatarelile mele de-a lungul historicelor retipise adunate din lumea satului si tirgului romanesc (sau de pretutindeni) ma duc inevitabil si instinctiv spre simplitate si rapiditate. Scopul ? Timpul prea scurt pentru alte cele, frumoase si dorite sufletului. Cauza ? Cred ca se identifica cu scopul. Si-ar mai fi o indaratnicie in fata snobismului si-a fitelor pe care le vezi, de cele mai multe ori, pe mesele romanilor.
Dar azi, cred ca am calcat si io olecuta intr-o strachina ceva mai moftangioaica desi e clar ca am incaltat cizma italica aprig parfumata de busuioc si bine propovaduita de-o mozzarella savuros de oachesa.
Sandvisul asta e de-o simplitate dezarmanta pe care nu vreau s-o complic cazind in cele mai desuete inflorituri gurmande.  Asa cum divinitatea ne-a creat dintr-o mina de argila desi avea la dispozitie toate binefacerile universului, asa facui eu sandvisul asta pacatos de bun prin insasi esenta lui. Si maretia lui sta in extraordinara alaturare de arome si simple texturi.
Bineinteles ca, de data asta, n-avusei cum sa mai zic…„mofturi, Monser, mofturi!”
discuri de aluat de foetaj, coapte apoi taiate in jumatate
frunze de salvie sau busuioc(proaspete sau uscate)
1-2 l-ri de ulei de masline( din conservaraia de rosii uscate, pregatita si pusa bine pentru iarna) in care se soteaza rapid frunzele de salvie sau busuioc, frunze care mai apoi  se indeparteaza. Asa, ca de-un pamplezir, se adauga chimenul apoi rosiile.  Se lasa pe foc pina se incing bine apoi se dau deoparte.
Discurile de foetaj se stropesc cu uleiul din tigaie apoi se umplu cu rosiile calde si mozzarella rupta in fisii.
Se poate servi cald sau rece, dupa dorinta, pofta sau putinta.

Dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil sandwich


Today I did not want anything special, as for some time now I have not been accepting anything that could complicate my life. And during my endless cooking hours (using recipes gathered from the unique world of the Romanian Village or small town area), I inevitably and instinctively head towards simplicity and quickness.

What is the scope? There is never enough time to spare between cooking and other activities we usually call hobbies. But what is the reason? I think it merges into the scope. And there also is a sort of stubbornness against the snobbism and the show off you often see on the dinner table of the Romanians now a days.

But today, I think I became myself a bit more sophisticated by “wearing some Italian boots in the kitchen” and cooking with a mozzarella cheese to die for – of course, well dressed into the unmatched scent of the basil leaves.

This sandwich is of an un matching simplicity which in no case whatsoever I want to complicate by falling into the trap of sophistication. As God created us from a fist of clay (even if he had at his disposal all the goods of the Universe), I made this sandwich so heavenly good because I decided to keep it simple, to go again to the essence of the art of cooking. And its greatness, stands in its extraordinary mixture of aromas and textures.

This time, of course I couldn’t say: ” Whims Monşer, whims! ”


discs of pastry dough, baked and then cut in half
sage or basil ​leaves​ (fresh or dried)
1-2 tbs​ olive oil (from dried tomatoes) ​in ​which quickly ​are ​sauté​d​ the sage or basil leaves. ​Then leaves are removed. ​
So, as a ​caprice​, add cumin then tomatoes. Let the​m on​ fire ​till they ​get hot​, ​then give them away.
Puff pastry discs are ​sprayed with oil from the pan and filled​ with hot tomatoes and mozzarella torn into strips.
It can be served hot or cold​.​